The donor conference for Haiti ended in Washington on Tuesday on a promise to the international community to give a budget of 324 million dollars to help countries recover from the devastating passage of several hurricanes in 2010 announced the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the main organizer of the event.

According to the conclusions of the conference which was held under the joint chairmanship of Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis and a number of IDB, Luis Alberto Moreno, the financial assistance provided will be dedicated to Haiti’s reconstruction plan proposed by the Administration Preval for the next two years.

Aimed primarily at the creation of 150,000 jobs through investments in infrastructure and outsourcing, this program should also reduce the country’s vulnerability to natural disasters, revitalize the economy, maintain access to services base and consolidate a stable macroeconomic framework.

In his speech, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Expected Thursday in Port-au-Prince, has announced that the U.S. will grant 57 million dollars to Haiti. The assistance will finance the fight against drug trafficking (2 million), reconstruction of infrastructure (20 million), debt relief (20 million) and food programs (15 million).

Haiti is at a very important, even critical, for its part said the head of government, Michele Pierre-Louis said with accepting pain the paradox that the country could not away from its dependence on external assistance if it wants to achieve the objectives of development and the fight against poverty.